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Will Mariel de Leon’s Political Tweets Help Her Bid in Miss International 2017?

Binibining Pilipinas International 2017 Mariel de Leon
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Photo by Binibining Pilipinas. 
Binibining Pilipinas-International 2017 Mariel de Leon who is also the daughter of local entertainment celebrities Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong had been lambasted recently by the netizens on social media for her 'divisive' political tweets against the Duterte government. She was even harshly bashed online by the netizens on social media weeks after she was crowned as the country's representative to this year's Miss International pageant in Japan when she tweeted her repugnance over Mocha Uson’s appointment as PCOO’s assistant secretary. In fact, if you will search her name specifically in Facebook, you will mostly find a throng of nasty rhetorics and vile-laden comments from the disgusted DDS netizens directed towards the head-strong binibini. 

Now, what will be the possible repercussions of Mariel’s divisive political tweets in her bid to win the crown in Miss International this year?

First of all, winning the Miss International is already a far-fetched possibility considering the fact that the reigning titleholder, Kylie Verzosa is also from the Philippines and no back-to-back victory yet has been achieved since the Miss International pageant started in 1960.

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That far-fetched possibility has been stretched even farther, when she tweeted and maligned Mocha’s appointment with these statements, "I love my country so it breaks my heart to know someone like her (Mocha Uson) got a position in the government. There are so many other unbiased, educated, and respected (and respectful) people who deserve her place."

Those statements alone are very UNDIPLOMATIC especially coming from a beauty queen like her. There's also an air of arrogance, a sense of entitlement and superiority laced around such expressions. 

I hope Mariel realized when she aired such sentiments online that she is a beauty queen and her organization uplift women regardless of their background. Instead of helping her fellow, she was basically putting her down. I hope Mariel also realized that she is representing the whole country and not just her own 'crowd' who comprised only 5 percent of the total Philippine population where the majority supports and loves the President. 

And Mariel has the audacity to question Mocha’s
Mariel de Leon during the Binibining
Pilipinas 2017 Swimsuit Competition.
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qualification when in fact, the latter has a more solid educational background. Mocha is a graduate of Medical Technology from the University of Santo Tomas and had a two-year study in Medicine in the same prestigious university before finally pursuing her career in the entertainment industry. While Mariel has only a 'cooking' course to brag about? Lol! I love eating and I have high respect to our humble chefs, but what irates me was Mariel's arrogant and bitter tirades against Mocha's qualifications knowing that she doesn't even have a degree from a premiere university to equate Mocha's achievements at the very least. 

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The job of Mocha as an assistant PCOO secretary in social media entails understanding and having an actual experience in community engagement online and Mocha has it in her bag with her 5 million plus followers. Do you know how difficult it is to get even a thousand 'authentic' followers for a blogger? And Mocha's active and superior engagement in social media even dethroned the ratings of the country's biggest networks that spent an enormous amount of money to lead in the ratings game. And with Mocha's wide reach and massive online engagements, it is actually the government who is profiting and benefiting more from Mocha's appointment who truly supports the policies of the administration. If you are the President Mariel, would you appoint someone who does not believe and support your administration? 

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And Mariel's unfounded accusation against Duterte's government didn't stop from there. She tweeted recently, "It is hard to wrap up my mind around the fact, that people are okay with murder because their leader says so." 

This is not what the President said in his order to the police. Mariel's tweets were synonymous to those biased media who were paid to twist Duterte's statements to besmirch the President. And they cried 'biased' and 'fake news' if the news don't fit to their own false narratives and political agenda. This was what the President Duterte actually said: 

“In the performance of their duty, tell your men that whenever their life is in danger and they are in the actual performance of their duty, your duty requires you to overcome the resistance of the person you are arresting. Not only just to shout to him to surrender because it is a [indistinct], and if he resists and it is a violent one placing in jeopardy the lives of my policemen and military, you are free to kill the idiots.”

Now, in the event of arresting the criminals, the drug dealers and the drug lords who are wrecking havoc to our country and destroying the lives of our youth for years, would you just allow these 'violent' criminals to shoot and put your life in jeopardy when they resist arrest? Or would you shoot these criminals first before they could kill you? 

Before Duterte ascended to Presidency, crime rates were at its peak. You can refer to the data above. During the Aquino regime, murderers, criminals and the drug lords were in their golden years since the law wasn't strictly implemented. Before, the law-abiding citizens were scared to roam around the city streets but when Duterte reigns as President in 2016, the criminals, the drug addicts, the drug lords, the narco-politicians and the thieves now cowered in fear. 

So Mariel's sentiments were just out of tune and she just impulsively tweeted such without checking facts. 

So back to the question. What will be the possible repercussions now that Mariel will be competing in Japan (a country who fully supports the Duterte government) for the Miss International?

Simple. The most likely scenario will be, Mariel de Leon who is wearing the sash of the Philippines will clap hard in the background while Kylie Verzosa crowns her successor from another country. 

Philippines will be unplaced brought about by someone like Mariel who finds time to drag other woman down rather than empower. 

Philippines will be a clapper brought about by a representative like Mariel who finds more time to participate in partisan politics rather than focusing her energy to train. 

The Philippines who's been placing in Miss International for consecutive years (courtesy of the previous Filipina beauty queens who have worked really hard to earn their place) will not be called in the winning circle brought about by a beauty queen like Mariel who instead of creating a more positive atmosphere is promoting divisiveness in an already divisive country like the Philippines. 

I just hope she wouldn't be booed out in the coronation night in Japan where majority of the Filipinos working there are pure solid Duterte supporters. 

And a huge good luck to her for getting a massive support from the Filipinos around the world in her Miss International bid. 



Mariel de Leon was unplaced in Miss International 2017. As predicted, she failed to make the cut in the Top 15. 

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