Saturday, October 21, 2017

Miss Earth 2017: Australia Wins Gold for Group 1 Swimsuit Competition

Miss Earth 2017 Swimsuit Medalist Group 1 - Ecuador (Bronze),
Australia (Gold) and Venezuela (Silver)

Just in. 

Australia's Nina Robertson won the coveted Gold Medal for Group 1's Swimsuit Competition held earlier in City of Dreams Manila. Robertson bested around 30 of the Group 1 delegates including Ninoska Vasquez of Venezuela who clinched Silver and Lessie Giler of Ecuador who nabbed Bronze.

I am not surprised why these three beauties stood out in this category. During the Pre-Judging for Figure and Form, Australia, Venezuela and Ecuador together with Panama were the 'performers' in their group. Aside from their well-toned figures and bombshell curves, their presentation skills on stage which include their catwalk and projection were just superb. 

Note: The Medal System doesn't have any bearing in the final selection of the Top 16 Semi-finalists. The medals are introduced to give credits to the girls who aced the mini-competitions. The Swimsuit Competition is not part of the actual preliminaries that will select the Top 16 qualifiers which will be announced in the coronation night on November 4th at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines.

The actual Preliminary Competition will be posted on the Miss Earth Facebook page. All 87 delegates will be judged on the three main categories:

1. Beauty of the Face (No Make-Up Challenge)
2. Beauty of Form and Figure and;
3. Intelligence (Interview).

The 16 delegates who will get the highest scores based on these categories will advance as Semi-finalists which will be announced on the grand finale.

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