Saturday, October 21, 2017

Miss Earth 2017 Figure and Form Pre-Judging Top 16

Last Wednesday evening, the Miss Earth 2017 Pre-Judging for the Figure and Form successfully concluded inside Century Park Hotel, Manila, Philippines. The said event was one of the three Preliminary Competitions that will determine the final selection of the Top 16 Semi-finalists which will be revealed on the coronation night. The other two pre-judging categories are Beauty of the Face which will take place on October 25th and Intelligence on October 29th. 

So 86 of the 87 confirmed delegates of this year's Miss Earth edition strutted in their two-piece white swimsuits with a veil strategically placed on their faces during the Pre-Judging of the Figure and Form. The idea behind the veil was for the judges not to get distracted and to solely focus on judging the girls' physical fitness and form. 

Among the 86 beauties who participated in the said event, I have narrowed them down to Top 16. I have assessed the girls based on three categories: Physical Fitness, Poise and Catwalk Skills. The girls who scored the highest in the three categories automatically comprised my Top 16 for the Figure and Form. And here are my Top 16 highest scorers:

1. Ecuador - Lessie Giler
2. USA - Andreia Gibau
3. Colombia - Juliana Franco
4. Russia - Lada Akimova
5. Venezuela - Ninoska Vasquez
6. Panama - Erika Parker
7. Australia - Nina Robertson
8. Vietnam - Le Thi Ha Thu
9. Philippines - Karen Ibasco
10. Thailand - Paweensuda Drouin
11. Netherlands - Faith Landman
12. Austria - Bianca Kronsteiner
13. Bosnia - Lela Karagic
14. Hungary - Victoria Viczian
15. Bolivia - Giancarla Fernandez
16. Poland - Dominica Szymanska

You may click the video below to check out the Miss Earth 2017 Pre-Judging for Figure and Form. 

Let's see if the Top 16 girls in my list can maintain the momentum in the succeeding preliminary events: Beauty of Face and Intelligence. 

Stay tune! 

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