Monday, October 2, 2017

Miss Earth 2017 First Prediction: Thailand is in the Lead

Miss Earth 2017-Paweensuda Drouin-Miss Earth Thailand
Miss Earth 2017 - First Prediction List.
EdgarBoyet Diaries. 

Miss Earth 2017-Paweensuda Drouin-Miss Earth Thailand-national costume-edgarboyet diaries
Paweensuda Drouin in her national
Miss Earth Thailand 2016 
Paweensuda Drouin of Thailand tops my first prediction list for this year’s Miss Earth edition. At this rate, she is the girl to beat among the delegates competing for the Mother Nature-themed beauty derby. Miss Earth is a pageant known for crowning intelligent women with impressive credentials. Drouin is a Summa Cum Laude Kinesiology graduate from the University of Calgary in Canada. Her towering IQ is matched with her statuesque height of almost 6 feet. The Thai-Canadian beauty has the exotic Asian look as well which could give her the edge to stand out in the sea of beauties given the proper styling and wardrobe. A valid environmental advocacy and an excellent performance in all the points-earning rounds of the competition are what she direly needs to ensure a Miss Earth victory.

USA’s Andrea Gibau and Venezuela’s Ninoska Vasquez are the girls I have seen so far who can potentially snatch the crown from the Drouin. Gibau and Vasquez’s presentation skills are almost of the same league based from their national competitions. However, Gibau could easily ace the question and answer portion in the finals given her eloquence and communication skills.

Ecuador, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Myanmar are also sending strong contenders this year and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they could land in the winning circle too. Just don’t let the Philippines’ bet Karen Ibasco land in the Top 8. She is just too good in the interview rounds and her intelligent response could make an upset in the perennial front-runners’ placements. 

Completing the first Top 16 prediction list are the delegates from Panama, Vietnam, Netherlands, Mexico, Philippines, Czech Republic, Costa Rica and Pakistan.

So there. Let’s see if our early favorites can sustain the momentum.

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