Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Miss Earth 2017 Second Prediction: Thailand Maintains the Lead

Photo credit: Gelbert Aplal
Paweensuda 'Fahsai" Drouin of Thailand is still my top-pick for the 17th edition of Miss Earth in Manila, Philippines. Although she lagged behind from several delegates in terms of 'catwalk performance' during the Pre-judging of the Figure and Form last week, her 'essence' as a possible eventual successor of Katherine Espin of Ecuador is still strong. Being a Summa Cum Laude graduate alone, speaks volume of her character, discipline and determination to be on top despite the circumstances and difficulties. And we know how the Miss Earth Organization is fond of crowning beauties with 'certified' intelligence and dedication. 

1. Thailand - Paweensuda Drouin
2. USA - Andreia Gibau
3. Netherlands - Faith Landman
4. Puerto Rico - Karla Aponte 
5. Panama - Erika Parker
6. Ecuador - Lessie Giler
7. Venezuela - Ninoska Vasquez 
8. Colombia - Juliana Franco
9. Australia - Nina Robertson 
10. Vietnam - Le Thi Ha Thu
11. Philippines - Karen Ibasco
12. Russia - Lada Akimova
13. Mexico - Karen Bustos
14. Angola - Ermelinda de Matos
15. Austria -  Bianca Kronsteiner
16. Myanmar - Tin Sandar Myo

Let's see if Fahsai can maintain the lead until the coronation night on November 4th at the Mall of Asia Arena. 

Stay tuned! 

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