Sunday, October 15, 2017

Miss Earth 2017 Trended Number 1 in Vietnam

miss earth 2017 trending in vietnam-twitter
#MissEarth2017 was the number one trending topic in Vietnam. 

#MissEarth2017 trended for two consecutive
days in Vietnam
It's quite interesting to note, that #MissEarth2017 was the top trending twitter topic in Vietnam. In fact, it trended number one for two consecutive days. Now, that's quite an achievement since there's also a pageant currently being staged there but it hasn't even made an ounce of positive buzz on the twitter trends among the Vietnamese locals nationwide. 

The Mother Nature-themed beauty pageant along with its delegates this year have also made it through the international headlines in the leading news outlets worldwide. 

With the alarming consequences of climate change that have ravaged nations across the world, the mission-vision of Miss Earth which calls for the preservation and protection of Mother Earth using beauty pageant as a tool to spearhead its global environmental campaigns are just timely and highly relevant these days. 

The Miss Earth beauty for a cause pageant started since 2001 and has continued to grow and flourish in leaps and bounds through the years. 

Kudos to the Miss Earth Organization for setting up the trend. Keep it up! 

Some of the Miss Earth 2017 beauties made news in their countries: Venezuela,
Maritius, Cyprus and Ukraine. 

Miss Earth 2017 beauties made it through the headlines in their respective countries
in Vietnam, India, Czech Republic and Austria. 

Beauties in Miss Earth 2017 who made some positive noise in Europe. 

Miss Earth 2017 has also made some news in South Africa, Poland, Hungary and Indonesia 

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