Friday, October 27, 2017

Photo-Grids: Miss Earth 2017 Evening Gown Competition (Group 1)

Miss Earth 2017 group 1 beauties: Venezuela, Netherlands and Thailand. 

Last night was a spectacle of beauty and grace as the group 1 delegates of Miss Earth 2017 paraded in their beautiful evening gowns. Her are some photo-grids of the beauties and a short review of the competition's medalists:

Ninoska Vasquez of Venezuela was perfection personified as she sashayed on stage garbed in a high-slit royal blue gown. A body-hugging gown coupled with perfect runway skills surely made the Venezuelan beauty a force to be reckoned with during the competition, thus winning the gold medal almost effortlessly. 

Another stunner in the competition is Paweensuda Drouin of Thailand. The Thai-Canadian beauty sported a shimmering high-slit black evening gown which earned her the Silver Medal. Drouin may not have the perfect pasarela but her towering height and commanding presence compensate it all.  

The prettiest of them all, Faith Landman of the Netherlands is growing each day as the coronation night is approaching. This girl knows when to peak. Her beauty is simply divine with such an angelic face and mesmerizing eyes. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up winning the Miss Earth crown. 

The black barbie of the competition, Erika Parker of Panama was all elegance last night with her fringe gown. One thing I have noticed with this exotic beauty, Parker has a great sense of style and she certainly knows how to stand out in the competition. 

Miss Earth 2017 group 1 beauties: Australia, Ecuador and Panama

Miss Earth 2017 group 1 beauties in their evening gowns: Australia, Paraguay, US Virgin Islands and Czech Republic. 

You can view more photos of the delegates on Miss Earth's Facebook page. Click here.

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