Sunday, October 22, 2017

Photo-Grids: Miss Earth 2017 Group 1 Swimsuit Competition

Miss Earth 2017 Medallists: Ecuador (Bronze), Australia (Gold), Venezuela (Silver)
Photo credit: Miss Earth

The Swimsuit Competition for Miss Earth 2017 Group 1 delegates successfully-concluded last night inside Chaos, City of Dreams Manila in Parañaque City, Philippines. And here are some high-definition photo-grids of last night's Medalists and Special Awardees. 

For more photos of the other delegates, you may check out in Miss Earth's official Facebook page. Click HERE.

Special Awardees of the night: Netherlands, Thailand and Ecuador together with Australia (not in the photo-grid). Photo credit: Miss Earth

Other stand-outs of last night's swimsuit competition were Panama and Austria together with the Gold Medalist Australia. Photo credit: Miss Earth

Miss Earth 2017 front-runners: Thailand, Netherlands and Venezuela. Photo credit: Miss Earth

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