Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Special Feature: 6 Reasons Why Miss Earth is a Top-Notch Pageant

Being heralded as part of the Big 3 in Pageantry is an understatement for Miss Earth. The United Nations-recognized pageant is in a league of its own. And here are the six reasons why: 

1. World-wide Media Coverage

First of all when a pageant is only broadcasted through Facebook without any major television networks, then you should start double-checking its credibility and reputation. 

But not with Miss Earth.

Miss Earth is the only pageant (aside from Miss Universe) which has a world-wide media coverage! It was shown in Fox Life (formerly Star World) which will also broadcast the prestigious Miss Universe. As we all know, Fox Life is one of the world's leading global channels. Just imagine the millions of viewers who have watched the most relevant show on the planet through the LIVE telecast of Fox Life alone! We are not talking here about the other television channels in different countries and continents who are partnering with Miss Earth! 

And as I have mentioned above, Miss Earth was not only shown in Fox Life, the 17th edition was also broadcasted by Globovision, which is a top television news network in Venezuela and other countries in Latin America. 

And here's more. Aside from Globovision and Foxlife, MVS and Canal Uno networks had broadcasted Miss Earth, LIVE, which was shown across the countries in North America, South America as well as in the Caribbean region. 

Take note, MVS tv alone made millions of viewers! And that's excluding the other networks! 

Zap TV in Africa also broadcasted Miss Earth 2017 so the countries in Africa had the glimpse of the environmental-themed beauty derby. 

Of course, the home-country media networks have also partnered with Miss Earth. 

In a nutshell, Miss Earth is almost in a neck-to-neck battle with Miss Universe in terms of media coverages. So it is an insult for the Miss Earth Organization to compare them to an unknown pageant who doesn't have even one tv network to air its finale! 

2. World-renowned performers, hosts and judges. 

It's only Miss Earth and Miss Universe have the capability and the budget to summon such 'expensive' personalities. 

To name a few were Shontelle, a grammy-nominated singer, Iskandar Widjaja,  a renowned violinist, Steven Seagal, a legendary Hollywood actor and James Deakin, a reputable CNN host. Not to mention the Ambassadors from different countries and other personalities of Alta pedigrees who served in the pageant's panel of judges. 

While other pageants claiming to be major and shoving it to our throat, could only afford struggling artists/hosts and unknown, less-credible judges. And that's the truth. No pun intended. 

3. Clear and attainable advocacy which centers on environmental protection and preservation. 

Among the so called 'Big Leagues' in pageantry which include Miss Universe and Miss International, Miss Earth stands out as the one with the most relevant advocacy in our times as the consequences of Climate Change are wreaking havoc in the different parts of the world. 

And the Miss Earth queens are not just doing some useless photoshoots in their year-long reigns. The winners and even the runners-up (the elemental queens) are seen traveling around the globe using their beauty and intelligence as well as their passion to advance the mission-vision of Miss Earth, that is to campaign for the environmental protection and preservation. 

It's really a common misconception and it is unrealistic to think that Miss Earth alone can save the 'Earth' from the plots that ruin the environment. Way before people started talking about Climate Change, Miss Earth had already been there spearheading the campaigns to reverse the effects of the dreaded Climate Change. 

Miss Earth is simply planting the 'seeds' of love for the environment and making people aware of our responsibilities and duties that we humans are a steward of preserving and protecting the only 'habitable' planet in the entire Solar System (as far as Science is concern) where we can live and flourish. 

Planting trees and making people 'aware' seem to be a small act but as what the old adage says, "Small things become GREAT when done with LOVE." 


"Whoever said the small things don't matter have never seen a match start a wildfire." 

4. Unique concept and judgment criteria.

Unlike other pageants who are copying the concepts of other pageants, Miss Earth has a unique and innovative judging criteria in selecting its finalists and winners. 

Miss Earth is pioneering in concocting three main pre-judging events that will ultimately select its Top 16 Semi-finalists. And they are the Beauty of the Face and Poise, Beauty of Figure and Intelligence. The Top 16 delegates who scored the highest in these three preliminaries (including the scores from their chaperones) will comprise the semi-finalists that will be announced on the coronation night. 

5. Miss Earth has the reputable SGV & Co. (Ernst and Young) as its official tabulator of the delegates' pageant scores. 

It's only in Miss Universe and Miss Earth where you can find trusted and reliable professional firms as its score tabulators. 

SGV & Co. is the country's largest multidisciplinary professional services firm. It is a member of the USA's Ernst and Young (EY), a global leader in the auditing services. 

So the pageant is not 'rigged' and the delegates' composite scores could not even be manipulated by the pageant owners to please the fans and the national directors. Take note that SGV is a 71 year-old well-respected accounting firm so never will it sacrifice its reputation and credibility built for decades just for a night of pageantry! 

Those online trolls who are always maligning Miss Earth that it is rigged because Philippines is winning and placing are actually coming from those countries whose delegates lose simply because their girls were not competent enough to shine in the competition. 

Take note, that it's not only in Miss Earth where the Philippines is victorious. Modesty aside, Philippines is winning all pageants in the world. In fact, Philippines is the first and the only country so far to complete all the 'Big 5 crowns' dubbed by a popular pageant forum.

Filipina delegates have years of training in pageantry from the two prestigious beauty camps. Aside from the fact that the Filipina beauties are well-trained in the beauty and catwalk departments, they can speak English well and know how to ace the interviews with aplomb. 

The Philippine delegates don't just show up in the competition unprepared. They are trained even in the smallest details, from hair to make-up to poise, to catwalk and camera projections. 

So you can't just simply ignore the Filipina delegates just because the pageant is held in the Philippines. That is downright illogical to say the least. 

Train harder if you want to win! 

6. Miss Earth delegates are staying in 5-Star Luxury Hotels and treated like VIPs. 

Miss Earth has currently three 5-star hotel partners where the delegates are staying for one month! 

And they are Diamond Hotel Manila, Century Park Hotel Manila and Joy Nostalg Hotel and Suites Manila. 

Take note, the 87+ girls are staying in these hotels for one month. These are not just second-tier hotels, but are 'luxury hotels'! And to stay in a luxury hotel even just for a night reeks gold and dollars! 

This only shows that Miss Earth is an established pageant with solid foundations and a well of funds. 

The delegates are treated like royalties and A-list celebrities where they are always assured of comfort and luxury plus security while staying in their respective hotels. 

There are wide-variety of food and international dishes where they could choose from. The delegates are actually gaining weight during the course of the competition because of the abundance of food. 

And they are not just staying in their hotels.

The delegates are touring around the countries' different eco-tourism destinations complete with an army of security personnel. Aside from the beauty of the places they're visiting, the Miss Earth delegates feel like their rockstars as they are welcomed with warmth and cheers from their adoring fans. Filipinos would always go and cheer whenever they see beauty queens parading. And the previous Miss Earth delegates can attest to this.

A pageant which grows out of noble advocacies and integrity can never be toppled down even by a throng of rabid bashers who keep on trashing Miss Earth out of jealousy and personal interests. 

Time has proven that despite the seemingly endless bashings since its inception in 2001, Miss Earth has grown bigger and it will continue to grow and shine even brighter in the years to come so long as it remains true to its advocacies and mission. 

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