Saturday, November 4, 2017

Blog Updates: Miss Earth 2017 Coronation Night

The most relevant major international beauty pageant on the planet will be LIVE from the Mall of Asia Arena, Manila, Philippines, tonight at 8:00 PM.

This is Miss Earth 2017 Coronation Night ! 

84 lovely delegates from all over the Earth are in contention. 

Who do you think will be crowned to be the next Earth Queen? 

We shall find out in just a few moments from now...

Stay tuned. 


The coronation night will start at 8:00 PM in Manila (GMT+8). 

It will be broadcasted LIVE world-wide through FOXlife (formerly Starworld), MVS (in North and South America), Globovision (in Venezuela and Latin America), Zap TV and Channel 17 (in Africa). 

There will also be a LIVE online streaming in Miss Earth's Facebook page. 


Here's a glimpse of the Miss Earth 2017 stage in the Mall of Asia Arena, Manila, Philippines.

Photo credit: Miss Earth Beauties 

The show will start in a few minutes from now...


The Miss Earth 2017 will be hosted by CNN's James Deakin. 

Grammy-nominated singer and song-writer Shontelle as well as world-renowned violinist Iskandar Widjaja will be tonight's guest performers.

Hollywood actor Steven Seagal is one of the pageant's telecast judges.


The Top 16 for each of the three categories: Figure, Beauty of Face and Intelligence have just been announced. 

Heavy favorites Netherlands, Thailand and Venezuela are included in the three categories. Australia and Switzerland also made it in the three categories. 

Up next is the announcement of the Final Top 16:


Final Top 16:

1. Thailand
2. USA
3. Russia
4. Tonga
5. Colombia
6. Angola
7. Guatemala
8. Vietnam
9. Switzerland
10. Bosnia & Herzegovina
11. Australia
12. Philippines
13. Venezuela
14. Netherlands
15. Cameroon
16. Czech Republic

Shontelle performance..

The announcement of the Top 8 will follow.

1. Australia
2. Philippines
3. Thailand
4. Venezuela
5. Colombia
6. Czech Republic
7. Netherlands
8. Russia 

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Excellent answers were from Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Venezuela and Russia. 

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