Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Miss Earth 2017 Winner: Final Prediction

Selecting the Top 16 girls among the 86 beautiful delegates of Miss Earth 2017 who will advance on the coronation night this coming Saturday (November 4th) at the Mall of Asia Arena was quite a difficult task, let alone predicting the main winner as there are a handful of accomplished women in the competition who can also be a worthy successor of Katherine Espin. But there can only be one who will wear the crown. And here are my top picks:

Miss Earth 2017 Top 16: Australia, Russia, Colombia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, US Virgin Islands, Mexico, Angola and Philippines. 

Miss Earth 2017 Top 8: Vietnam, USA, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Venezuela, Netherlands and Panama

Puerto Rico. USA. Ecuador. Vietnam

8. Vietnam - Miss Earth has consistently trended in Vietnam even when there was also a pageant that was staged there. It’s as if, Vietnam is the host country for Miss Earth. Thanks to the Vietnamese people who have fully-supported their bet, Le The Ha Thu. She had been recently acknowledged and awarded as Miss Photogenic and Best Eco-Warrior among the sea of beauties. With Ha Thu's strong performance, Vietnam has indeed found a good follow-up of last year’s Miss Earth lone Asian Top 8 placer Nam Em.

7. Ecuador - Eighteen year-old, Law student, Lessie Giler is such a beauty whom you wouldn’t get bored of staring at. She has this sunny disposition and her smile can easily light up a room. Giler’s presentation skills as well are topnotch so excelling in the swimsuit and evening gown rounds is highly feasible. However, considering how tight the competition this year, a back-to-back win for her country may not be possible.

6. USA - Andreia Gibau who is a model and a self-development coach will be one of those semi-finalists who can easily crack through the Top 8 given the fact that she is a ‘diva’ on stage. Giabau’s pasarela is something that can rival that of Vasquez (Venezuela) plus her well-toned figure and great stage presence would definitely be a hit on the runway. Reaching the Top 4 is also very possible considering her eloquence and wit in answering questions.

5. Puerto Rico - Karla Aponte looks ravishing with her golden hair and flawless complexion. More than her physical beauty, Karla speaks about the environment with so much conviction as her country is still recuperating from the super typhoon that had recently ravaged the Caribbean region. I wouldn’t be surprised if she will penetrate through the winning circle as she speaks well from her experience and has the potential to ace the nerve-racking questions in the final rounds of Miss Earth.

Miss Earth 2017 Top 4: Thailand, Venezuela, Netherlands and Panama

Thailand. Netherlands. Venezuela. Panama. 

Panama, Netherlands and Venezuela are my picks for the elemental tiaras. It has been recently announced that the three elemental queens have equal standing. Anyone among the elemental queens can replace the main winner (Miss Earth) if she wouldn’t be able to fulfill her duties and responsibilities during her reign.

4. Panama - Known as the black barbie of the competition, Erika Parker is turning heads in the competition with her great sense of style and exotic beauty. She is also one of the few among the Latinas this year who is conversant in English and should she reach the question and answer rounds, I am confident that she will be able to give a sensible answer. Erika is perfect fit for an elemental crown and if she wins, it will be a well-deserved victory.

3. Venezuela - Ninoska Vasquez has never failed to meet the expectations, expected of a Venezuelan delegate. I dubbed her ‘Miss Perfect’ in this year’s edition of Miss Earth. She has the perfect pasarela, perfect stage presence and perfect pageant wardrobes. The only waterloo is her ability to express in the English language. Although she is oozing with charisma, I believe that to be an effective Miss Earth, the winner should be able to speak at least basic English as she will be attending various speaking engagements world-wide.

2. Netherlands - Faith Landman who speaks fluent English is also a strong contender for the main crown. The 20 year-old Dutch model is a dead-ringer of previous Miss Universe winners, Oxana Fedorova of Russia (2002) and Natalie Glebova of Canada (2005) who are both of Russian descent. Their eyes make them mesmerizing. If beauty alone is the sole criterion in choosing the winner, then there is no doubt that Faith will be crowned.

Miss Earth 2017 (Winner): Paweensuda Drouin of Thailand

1. Thailand - Paweensuda Drouin is my best choice for the Miss Earth 2017 crown. Fahsai as she’s fondly called has consistently placed number one in my prediction list. She fits the mold of a Miss Earth winner and with her qualities and capabilities she will definitely be an asset to the organization.

It’s no secret that Fahsai earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology with the highest Latin honor distinction (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Calgary in Canada. That alone speaks volume about her dedication and discipline towards excellence.

Being Miss Earth requires a winner who is not only beautiful inside and out but also someone who has the passion and the dedication to be the organization’s spokesperson. The environmental advocacy of the Miss Earth Organization is a long-term goal and hence, it needs someone who can be a great representative and who has the outstanding qualities to further its mission-vision to much greater heights.

And Fahsai fits the job perfectly. Beautiful, charming, intelligent and a dedicated earth warrior..

I am hoping Carousel won’t miss this chance. Paweensuda Drouin is a perfect embodiment of what a Miss Earth winner should be.

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