Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Miss Universe 2017: Meet the Favorites

Miss Universe 2017 Favorites. 

The most anticipated Miss Universe pageant has just kicked in and all the delegates vying for the coveted crown are already in Las Vegas, Nevada for the prestigious beauty battle of the year. Now, it's time to meet this edition's early favorites in no particular order. 

1. Brazil (Monalysa Alcântara) - 18 year-old Monalysa who stands at 5'8'' in height has pioneered a beauty self-awareness organization in Brazil. She dreams to become a well-known influencer for women's rights, race and gender equality. 

2. Colombia (Laura Gonźalez) - She graduated from the performing arts where she studied acting. Laura is 22 years-old and stands at 5'11''. 

3. Peru (Prissila Howard) - She has volunteered helping those victims of the natural disaster in her country. Priscilla is a graduate of Business Administration and Human Resources. She is 26 years old and stands at 5'8'' in height.

4. Philippines (Rachel Peters) - She graduated with a degree in business and works in the events industry. Twenty-six years old Rachel stands at 5'8'' and advocates for celebrating one's individuality.  

5. Russia (Kseniya Aleksandrova) - She is 22 years old and has a height of 5'10''.  Kseniya graduated with a Bachelor of Finance degree and plans to pursue Journalism. 

6. South Africa (Demi-Leigh Nel Peters) - Demi is a Business Management graduate. She is passionate about a program to help women in self-defense in various situations. She is 22 years old and stands at 5'7''.

7. Thailand (Maria Poonlertlap) - 25 year-old Maria who has a towering height of 6'0'' is passionate about sharing the importance of sex education for the safety and health of teens. Maria has a Master's Degree in Marketing. 

8. USA (Kàra McCullough) - She is a scientist for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and is the founder of a self-funded community outreach program called "Science Exploration for Kids". Kara is 26 years-old and stands at 5'10''. 

9. Venezuela (Keysi Sayago) - Twenty-four year-old Keysi is a mechanical engineering graduate and stands at 5'9''. She had given services to different organizations in providing food and shelter for the needy. 

Let's see if these mentioned delegates can sustain the hype from their pageant fans world-wide. 

And let's see who among of these girls will shine the brightest on the coronation night. 

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