Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Miss Universe 2017: Philippines' Rachel Peters in Evening Gown

Miss Philippines Rachel Peters during the Evening Gown Preliminary Competition of Miss Universe 2017. Photos courtesy to the owner. 

Video credit to the owner.

Rachel Peters of the Philippines peaked and shined when it mattered the most. Just when her fellow competitors (including the overhyped ones) started to fade, the Filipina bet bloomed and gradually revealed her aces in the competition. 

During the Preliminary Competition of Miss Universe 2017, Rachel stunned the spectators when she appeared on stage wearing a body-hugging Val Taguba gown in shimmering gold with a high-slit that simply accentuated her prized asset - those long pair of toned legs! 

Her moves weren't pageant patty and exaggerated. She glided on stage like a pro and the execution was just perfect. Rachel carried the gown so well and it wasn't the gown who's outshining her. Rachel's strongest assets were magnified in that number. 

Kudos to Rachel and her Kagandahang Flores team for a wonderful performance!

Looking for more 'pasabog' on the finals! All the best Rachel! 

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