Monday, November 6, 2017

Special Feature: Miss Earth is Not Your Typical Beauty Pageant

Miss Earth 2017 winners. Australia, Russia, Philippines and Colombia. 

Like many pageant enthusiasts who have watched closely the recently-concluded Miss Earth 2017 beauty for a cause pageant since day one, I wasn’t expecting that our host delegate Karen Ibasco (who is a scientist and a Physics university professor by the way) could win the top plum. To be honest, I was one of the many disappointed fans because my girls didn't make it through the winning circle. 

I was looking forward for the heavy favorites like Thailand and Netherlands to win it all but alas, both of them weren’t able to deliver the goods in the Hashtag rounds, thus leaving them behind in the Top 8 to the dismay of the supporters world-wide. 

I can understand the sentiments and the outrage of the spectators who have come and witnessed the pageant that night - the goddesses of the competition were toppled down by the host delegate whose beauty will not be appreciated by many. I can understand the animosity towards the Philippines that had won for three times in just a span of four years with a back-to-back victory. Not including the one won by our very own Karla Henry in 2008. 

However, to be fair, we cannot  blame the host delegate who just did her utmost best in representing the country. We can’t blame her for shining that night with her eloquence and intelligence. And we can’t blame the organization either for sticking with the criteria and going on with the judges’ unanimous choice to crown her and represent the brand of the Miss Earth Organization. 

The pageant executives knew for sure the backlash and the ridicule that they will receive for crowning Karen. But they chose to bear with it rather than disregard the real result tabulated by the reputable accounting firm, the SGV and company. So just in case, anyone will file a legal case in protest of the result, the organization will be safe and sound since they have followed the result of the tabulation. 

So to avoid any disappoints in the future, we should always bear in mind that Miss Earth is not your typical beauty pageant. 

Let's not forget that the criteria of the Miss Earth organization are entirely different from the pageants we used to watch. 

This is not a pageant where the most beautiful delegate wins. This is not a pageant where the candidates with the prettiest face will triumph. And this is not your usual pageant where the owners can manipulate the results just to please the majority. 

Miss Earth is looking for an intelligent and accomplished spokesperson who can walk the talk and dedicate her reign to achieve the goals of the organization. 

The bashers can always question and throw insults at the organization, but Miss Earth is here to stay, not to please the crowd, but rather, to continue promoting its environmental causes and serving Mother Earth with its dedicated and brilliant ambassadress. 

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The blue-colored text in the photo above was written by Markk Jake. Thank you Markk for this brilliant message. 

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