Friday, November 24, 2017

Who Will Be Crowned Miss Universe 2017?

Since IMG took over the Miss Universe Organization from
now US President Donald Trump, predicting the main winner became a lot harder since unlike the Trump Era, the new management does not only focus on the physical attributes of the delegates and on how perfect the pasarela or the stage presence could be. Based from the two previous editions, the girls who made it in the final rounds were not the prettiest nor the sexiest of the bunch, but had the inspiring back stories to tell to the world. In addition, they were also smart, highly accomplished and well-rounded in almost all aspects. It's noteworthy mentioning that last year,  we have seen a plus-size delegate and black beauties advancing to the Top 9. So we might as well expect a varied mix of interesting girls in the finals.

From the 90 plus girls competing, I have narrowed them down to Top 16, girls whom I think will have the greatest chances of penetrating the winning circle based on their preliminary performances, communication skills and background. I have excluded one popular delegate from the Top 16 since it has been reported that the MUO was not happy with how her supporters had sabotaged the online votes of the other popular delegate who is a strong contender for the crown. Her preliminary swimsuit presentation was also weak so a semi-final spot can be far-fetched. I hope I am wrong. Let’s see how things will turn out on the finale night.

Without further ado, my Top 16 are as follows: Angola (Lauriela Martins), Australia (Olivia Rogers), Brazil (Monalysa Alcantara), France (Alicia Aylies), Germany (Sophia Koch), Great Britain (Anna Burdzy), Iceland (Arna Yr Jonsdottir), India (Shradda Shashidhar), Malaysia (Samantha James), Mexico (Denise Franco), Philippines (Rachel Peters), Russia (Ksenia Alexandrova), South Africa (Demi Leigh Nel Peters) Spain (Sofia del Prado), USA (Kara McCullough) and Venezuela (Keysi Sayago). 

Among the contenders, USA, Venezuela, Spain, Mexico and Philippines may figure out strongly in the top five. I think the winner is either between USA and the Philippines, a déjà vu of the 2012 edition where in Janine Tugonon (Philippines) and Olivia Culpo (USA) ended up as the last two women standing with the latter crowned as the winner. However, this time around, a Philippine win over USA might be highly plausible considering the overall topnotch qualities Rachel has. On the other hand, an American victory can't also be ignored especially this time that America is still mourning with the recent terroristic attack in Las Vegas. An American winning Miss Universe would somehow give them a reason to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas season just like what happened back in 2012. And with a delegate like Kara who has an impressive resume to back her up, things would be made more feasible. 

Kara who is a scientist and a woman of color is also newsworthy should she win than any other delegates.  Pageants have evolved these days, and just like in the recently-concluded Miss Earth, a not-so-pretty scientist but with a towering intelligence won over the beautiful glamazons and gorgeous goddesses. It'll be a bloody fight indeed, should Philippines and USA enter the Top 3 since both of them are eloquent speakers and could really give a sensible answer to the final question. 

In a nutshell, there are many possibilities that may happen on the coronation night. I might be wrong with my predictions and you might be right. Who knows other girls not mentioned here could win the top plum? So take my list with a grain of salt. Keep calm and may the best girl win the coveted crown of Miss Universe 2017! 

Miss Universe 2017: USA, Philippines, Mexico, Venezuela and Spain. 
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