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Your blogger Edgar Petallo aka EdgarBoyet 

Mabuhay! Welcome to EdgarBoyet Diaries. 

Your blogger is clad in black suit accompanied 
with a good friend Xamantha Lee during 
the Miss Universe Thailand 2017 
coronation night. 
My name is Edgar Petallo (Boyet is my nickname) and I'm the sole author of this blog. I'm a professional licensed nurse from the Philippines currently working overseas. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree at Mountain View College with Magna Cum Laude, Departmental Honors. 

I'm a LOVER of BEAUTY, so it's no wonder why topics concerning beauty pageants and beauty enhancement procedures make up the bulk of my blogposts, and the rest are some write-ups about my travel adventures, health and wellness tips, and a bit of everything you can find under the sun. This pageant blog mainly covers the world's three largest and widely-recognized (credible) beauty pageants namely, Miss UniverseMiss International and Miss Earth. 

I'm presently working full time as an Educator in one of the international schools abroad while completing my Master of Arts in Education from a reputable university. 

So it is indeed, a colossal challenge for me to maintain this site and keep you constantly updated with the latest craze and happenings in the world of pageantry. How I wish I'm in a more favorable position where in I can have the luxury of time and space to do the things I am passionate about.

Thank you so much for visiting and spending your precious moments with me. I wish you all nothing but the best! 

N.B. If you would like me to advertise your business, cover your pageant or be a judge at your pageant, please feel free to send me an email at edgarboyetph@gmail.com

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